Walnut: 5 Major Reasons why you should eat Walnut always.

walnut: why you should eat walnut always.

Walnut: 5 Major Reasons why you should eat Walnut always.

Do you still consider walnut as an enemy or perhaps you are still asking “why Should I eat walnut?” Fortunately, this article covers that and beyond.

Walnut a seed of the fruit of the walnut tree is a very nutritious dicotyledonous seed. Its believed to be originated from the central Asia but in recent times is well adapted to countries surrounding the mediterrian.

Believing walnut as the most concentrated food source provided by nature cannot be considered as a myth but a proven fact. It is still obvious maybe due to its taste, individuals still consume less of it or only do when it’s fully stocked in its season.

walnut: why you should eat walnut always.


It’s incredible potentials up till date baffles researchers, these might be the undeniable reason while Hippocrates coined the aphorism “May your food be your medicine, and your medicine be thy food”. This words from the wise greek demonstrated that our daily food may contain curative properties and walnut is a perfect of what that statement entails.

“Why should you eat walnut” have been an unanswered question for me some time ago.

Till I discovered the reason and ever since then I have not looked back on taking that decision. Walnut Contains a high level of essential acids, vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)and some trace elements.

5 Reasons why you should eat walnut

1) Cardiovascular diseases.

According to a documentary, A study conducted in California known as the Adventist health study analyzed the dietary habits of more than 25000 individuals.

The result showed that those that ate walnut five or more times per week, had an even lower risk of heart attack. Recent studies showed that the risk of myocardial infarction diminishes as the consumption of walnuts and the other oil-bearing nuts increases.

The ability of walnut to intervene in coronary/cardiovascular diseases is attributed to

  • the fat content and
  • the vitamin B1(Thiamine) content of walnut.

** Walnut contains about 61.9% (61.9g) of fats per 100g of a raw edible portion.

Are you still scared of why you should eat walnut considering the fact that it contains 61.9g of fat?  Fortunate enough, the fats are formed primarily of unsaturated fatty acid ( Linolenic acid ), polyunsaturated fatty acid (linoleic acid and an omega-3 fatty acid). And in addition, it contains lecithin. However, there is no cause for alarm as these are fatty acids that.

  • Constitute the primary energy source of the cells of the heart.
  • Also, it is the only principal fuel for the heart.

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** The thiamine content: Thiamine as a predominant fuel in Walnut even though it is no moderate quantity, is important in the stability of the neurons and adequate function of the heart muscles. Should you eat walnut daily, then heart failure heart attack and any related aliment will become the thing of past.


2) Diabetics

In fact, as a diabetic or as a caregiver or even as a diabetics free person.  Why you should eat walnut should be the last question you should ask.

The role of walnut in the diet of a diabetic cannot be overemphasized. It’s no news that carbohydrate (especially simple sugar like glucose) should be reduced or eliminated from the diet of a diabetic. Hence walnut becomes a substitute as it maintains the lowest value of carbohydrate among any oil-bearing nut.

Carbohydrate contained in walnut are oligosaccharides and a small amount of sugar (Saccharide and dextrose).  It is well tolerated by diabetics due to its ability to avoid a glycemic spike in diabetics patient.

Carbohydrate contained in walnut are oligosaccharides and a small amount of sugar (Saccharide and dextrose). Click To Tweet


3) Sexual Disorder and sterility.

Considering the alarming cases of sexual disorder and sterility, I know you are obviously imagining and saying  “can walnut actually cure sexual disorder?”  calm down let me spill the beans.

The consumption of walnut possess a positive effect on sexual performance Click To Tweet



The sex hormones (Estrogen, testosterone, etc) are produced from essential fatty acid, which walnut contains in quantum. But Don’t get it twisted.

Food for the heart already documented reporting walnut is not aphrodisiac in the strict sense of the word since walnut does not increase sexual desire.

But they do facilitate the complex physiological reaction produced during sexual activities. (which must be initiated by the sex hormones) in both men and women.

Are you still asking why you should eat walnut? Read on.

4) Increased cholesterol

Few years back, the consumption of oil seed nut has always be discouraged in handling cases of elevated blood cholesterol which walnut was not an exemption.  The reason, that they might contribute to the continued increase of the low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL, bad cholesterol).

Basically, a research conducted by Dr. John Sabate at Loma Linda University (California), demonstrate that daily consumption of 80g of walnut for two months reduces the level of LDL by 16%. These may be attributed to the various photochemical found in walnut.

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5) Neurological Disorder.

As discussed earlier, walnut being abundant in essential fatty acid. And most especially vitamin B1 that promotes or help in the stability of the nervous system is highly recommended in general neurological disorders/ Lecithin.

Also, the trace element found in walnut helps improve mental performance and restore tone and balance to the nervous system.

It is advised that individual suffering from depression, stress or another brain malfunction or neurological diseases should eat walnut preferably at breakfast.


Walnut as a nut should not be neglected in our routine diet as it poses a lot of health benefits. The amazing facts still remain that it poses no side effect as it is a naturally packed with nutrients. It can be chewed raw, ground or cooked s normally combined by vegetarians.

It is time to devour this fantastic nut. Go stay healthy and safe.

Over to you now. What are the reasons you dislike walnut and have not taken your time to know why you should eat it? What New did you learn today? Use the comment section to drop your answers.

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