Perfect natural Cough remedy: How to stop coughing [Easily]

Natural Cough remedy

Knowing how to stop coughing can be tormenting especially when it is becoming obvious that you can’t control it. Keep tracks as we unveil the natural cough remedy


According to Medicinenet, The average adult is sick with the common cold (with symptoms like sore throats, coughs, and mild fevers) two to four times each year. Another 15% to 20% get the flu.

Most times the outbreak leaves you thinking of even ways to avoid it at all cost.

Not to talk about what it might be like for some individuals that see drugs like a bit of a snake, finding out a natural way on how to stop coughing becomes a paramount quest.


Individuals even go as far as taking vitamin C supplement to reduce the intensity especially when they observe that it is as a result of cold/flu. Only if they knew it is might be far from the truth.


Now let’s get into this remedy already.

What is coughing?

According to Oxford concise medical dictionary, coughing is a form of violent exhalation by which irritant particle in the airways can be expelled. Stimulations of the cough reflexes result in the goths being kept closed until a high expiratory pressure has built up, which is then suddenly released.

Funny enough about 60% of individuals think cold is majorly caused by cold/flu. Even though it is one of the major cause but all cold cannot be attributed to cold/flu.

Nevertheless, before you can know how to stop coughing, knowing the various cases simplifies the process of getting rid of a cough.

Causes of a cough

 Causes of coughing can be broadly classified into four

1) Medical conditions: Certain medical condition can either produce a cough as their symptoms or as a major disease of its own. examples of medical causes of coughing include

  •  Bronchitis (both chronic and acute)
  •  Common colds
  •  Flu
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  •  Asthma
  • Post nasal drip
  •  Pneumonia.
  •  Heart failure
  • Lungs cancer


2) Allergies: Allergies can also be portrayed as a cause of coughing; a good example is Dust and mold. While some individuals can easily get off from dust…Some other folks easily get stroked by a cough in the instance.


3) Medications: Drugs like beta blockers, ACE inhibitors used mainly for hypertensive patients’ can cause coughing as its side effect in some persons.


4) Irritants: After dwelling on the above causes and you seem not to understand where your problem is coming, then check out if you are a smoker. Smoking (a major cause of lungs cancer) can cause a cough. It can be as a result of you being an active or a passive smoker. Other Irritants that cause such harm are perfumes, air fresheners, pollution (which can be as a result of burning or cooking, etc.).

The already mentioned causes can either result in a chronic cough or an acute cough.

Going about asking how to stop coughing can be due to the fact that a cough has lingered more than you actually expected. Most coughs caused as a result of cold/flu viruses either last for one or two weeks. If a cough lingers more than eight weeks, it is more than necessary that a help of your doctor will be required as it might be something beyond just coughing.

However, having a prior knowledge of the type of a cough will go a long way knowing how you can stop coughing.

Ride on with me let’s get to the journey already.

Types of coughing

Even though a cough might seem too common but trust me you can’t really tell till it gives you an embarrassment of your life that is why I am revealing in details all you need to know before we get to the natural remedies on how to stop coughing.

There are also three major types of coughs.


1) A chronic cough: This cough can be a result of medical issues like Undiagnosed Asthma or lung cancer since the primarily affect the lungs and coughing becomes a way the body naturally tries to remove whatever is irritating the lungs.


2) A dry cough: This is particularly caused as a result of allergies, irritants, or allergies.


3) Wet Cough: This is the most common cough known and it is often caused as a result of cold or flu viruses. Having its major symptoms as severe itching of the walls of the mouth.


By now You would be asking so what are the natural remedies on how to stop coughing I promised right?

Let’s get into it now!


Natural Cough Remedies: How to stop coughing.

Natural Cough remedy


Before you can think of taking those drugs you might have read through what a cough is, the types and the major causes of a cough. Now you should first embark on a natural remedy before getting to swallow those lumps of drugs.


According to Susan Tanner Md Pharmaceutical drugs often cause adverse reactions in the patients that take them, and the worst part about it is that the companies that manufacture these drugs often do so without being aware of them.


Since Our Focus is to know the Perfect natural remedy: on How to stop coughing [Easily]. We will just be laying emphasis on them in details.


Honey, Lemon, and Flaxseed:

Perfect Natural Cough Remedy: How to stop coughing

Natural Cough Remedy: How to stop coughing







Honey on its own has been found to possess an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory property due to the presence of phytochemicals present. Even though the antibacterial properties cannot be attributed to a specific phytochemical, it is being said to be a combination of its sugar level, hydrogen peroxide, and phytochemicals present.

How to use this.

  • Boil your flaxseed till it gets jelly and thick.
  • Bring down and allow to cool a bit
  • Add two-three teaspoon each of honey, lemon, and flax seed together.
  • Mix properly and take.

It can be taken by both adults and children.

***If you are in a locale where getting a flax seed seems to be a thorn in your flesh. (I can tell because I once experienced it, I had to travel to another vicinity to get it). Try the next remedy as a substitute. It works same way***

Here it is.


Milk Plus Honey.: Get a warm water

  • Add About 2-3 teaspoon of milk to the warm water and stir.
  • Then add just 1-2 teaspoon of Honey.

(The milk is serving as a substitute for lemon and flaxseed).

boom!! Enjoy your drink.

2) According to Monsbairo Extra, drinking liquid also helps to keep mucous membrane moist, It is advisable to Avoid cold Drinks entirely and always stay hydrated often.

This relieves that accumulated mucus that causes a cough.

3) Try the use of menthol cough drops in a warm water.

However, avoid its use among children. This relieves a cough caused by common cold or flu.

5) Herbal Teas: I couldn’t agree less about how Herbal tea contributes to a cough.

An article published by common sense home puts it this way.

“Hot herbal tea helps to ease congestion, keep you hydrated and soothe irritated tissues”

It also mentioned Some of the best herbal teas for a cough which include:

  • Ginger
  • Sage
  • Thyme
  • Linden (also known as tilia or basswood)
  • Lemon balm
  • Horehound (more commonly used in a cough and sore throat lozenges and syrups)
  • Rosemary
  • Peppermint

She continued by highlighting the steps to mark a herbal tea.

****To make herbal tea, place one teaspoon of dried herb (or several slices of fresh ginger) in a mug and cover with one cup boiling water.

Cover with a lid or plate to trap the steam and steep for about 10 minutes. Strain and add honey and lemon if desired.***

6) Avoid Smoking: If you are coughing and you still engage in smoking, it might seem harsh but that cough won’t get off your neck. Smokers are always liable or prone to lungs infection and which it’s symptom might precipitate as coughing unless you get rid of the underlying diseases then the preceding symptoms will find its way.

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Flew from Cough with a natural cough remedy



Even though a cough can be cured or gotten rid of using various natural remedies as listed, the question of how to stop coughing using natural remedies should only be considered when you have known the actual cause of a cough in question.


On rare symptoms like coughing out blood (Blood mucus), Shortness of breath, persistent cough even after eight weeks, then see your doctor as this might be due to chronic bronchitis, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, asthma or even Lungs infection.

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Having known the natural remedies to use to stop coughing, Go and implement them and avoid those embarrassments.


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