How Do I know If I need A Root Canal Treatment?

How do I know If I need a root canal Treatment?

“How do I know If I need a root canal” have been an unanswered question for some individual. And if you are on this list, then read through.

When you develop pain may be due to infection or tooth decay, the next thing that comes to your mind tends to drive to stop the pains. Loosing your natural tooth becomes your primary concern. While undergoing a root canal becomes your fear.

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Research has it that even though about 63% of American are afraid of undergoing the root canal, 69% are so scared of losing their natural tooth permanently. Most times the question boils down to how do I know If I need a root canal.

A lot of mischiefs is believed about a root canal. While some folks think it can be a painful experience, it will be awesome if you are told it is not as painful as it is perceived to be. Maybe due to advancement in technology.

What is root canal?


The teeth being one of the hard structures in the mouth used for cutting and chewing food undergo decay when the pulp infected or by abscess and in solemn occasions, the tooth may be lost. It consists of soft tissues made up of nerves and blood vessels.

The root canal is the part of a tooth that is not covered by the enamel and typically attached to the alveolar bone by periodontal fibre.

It is mostly referred to a treatment/therapy used to avoid losing your tooth that is badly decayed or infected thoroughly.

It is also called a root canal because it involves cleaning out the internal canals of your tooth which extend into the tooth’s root.

While tooth decay can be a horrible experience, getting a root canal treatment becomes the solution.

Some already have it as a saying that “it is better to get a root canal than to lose your tooth or even dwell in the pains and discomfort that come with tooth decay”.

How do I know I need a root canal: Sign and symptoms you should check out.

When the discomfort that comes with tooth decay manifest, knowing if you need a root canal should be the next thing that will come to your mind.

However, a lot of unproven facts is spread on the internet on a daily basis. To be on a very safe situation the help of your dentist is needed or a specialized endodontist to confirm this. However, there are signs you should look out for in such situation.

How do I know if I need a root canal?

Colour change: If there is discolouration or darkening of the tooth due to tooth decay. Talk to our doctor; you might need to root canal to save your teeth.

Pains: This may not be the dominant reason while you need a root canal but on a close identification of pains or extreme sensitivity when subjected to hot or cold food or drinks, make a step to see your dentist.

Boil: An occurrence of an abscess, boil or pimples on the surrounding gum surface of the tooth can suggest you need a root canal.

Swelling of the gums surrounding the tooth or around the root of the tooth, neck or face might be a sign of a significant tooth decay. You will need to see your doctor to know the step forward as It can be a sign you need a root canal.

How Best You can prevent tooth canal.

It becomes a challenging factor to how best to prevent tooth canal since there are some cases you cannot just avoid it.

Amidst this, When you notice a slight change in the regular features of your teeth, see your dentist as this can be getting rid of early.

When you have a cavity, get it filled to avoid being infected that might cause severe tooth problem. When you have a cavity, get it filled to avoid being infected that might cause severe tooth problem. Click To Tweet

Always go for a regular check-up and brush regularly.

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“how do I know if I need a root canal treatment” have been a significant challenge for individuals having a tooth problem.

Some are lead astray by some myth covering the experience of having a root canal.

Research by AAE found that patients who have experienced root canal treatment are six times more likely to describe it as “painless” than patients who have not had root canal treatment.

Additionally, A report by readers survey found more patient reported severe pain after having a tooth pulled than after having a root canal. Click To Tweet

In this article, I have listed how you can know if You need a root canal therapy. Do not be afraid to get one if the need arises. Always seeks the attention of your dentist.

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