Healthy Indomie Recipe: How to Cook Noodles {In a healthy Manner}

Healthy Noodles Recipe: How to cook Noodles.

In this Article, I will try as much as possible to reveal how to cook Noodles in a way it counters the potential health hazard it might poss to the body.

Long before now, it has been generally accepted that noodles are healthy, till recent discoveries start taking place to ascertain the health implication of its major Ingredients, and how to cook noodles in the best possible healthy way.

Before I show you how to cook Noodles, let’s talk about some hidden truth you might not know about noodles.

Noodles: The truth behind the mask

Something in December 2016, we were at the verge of rounding up 30 days live practical we started with rats for my dietetics degree project.

I was working on a different topic with Garlic while a colleague of mine was working on White Magic (Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) popularly know as AJI-NO-MOTO).

We were the two that took up a rat study under our supervisors.

So it’s was obvious we both understood our different project.

During these times, I have come to understand that the primary main ingredient used in the preparation of the spice used for cooking noodle (aside from the wheat flour used as the primary main ingredients for the whole) is this Monosodium Glutamate my colleagues were working on.

So while I invested time in my own research, I invested my time in hers too.

I even had to do her statically analysis for Free because I wanted to be sure people won’t manipulate values for us.

Now! Here is the thing.

We feed about 28 rats, but they were grouped into four.

??The First (control group) Group was feed, their normal feed…

??The second group was administered only their normal feed and Monosodium glutamate (MSG).

??The third had only their normal feed, Monosodium glutamate (MSG) and countered with Vit C

??While the Last was feed with both their normal feed, Monosodium glutamate (MSG) together with Vit C and E

With these different groups, We were meant to do a histological lesion (carcass analysis) on both the liver and the kidney. (Just forgive my big grammar) and also on the kidney and liver functions.

At the end of the 30 days, we dissected the rats, took the blood samples and also the kidney and liver of all rats of each group.

Here is what happened that shocked me.

When we compared the control group with the rats that were feed with ONLY MSG, there was a significant INCREASE in the weight of the rat and the liver weight.

Not only that, the different SENSITIVE MARKERS for both the kidney and liver (e.g Serum Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT)) increased significantly.

We went further to view the lesion on the tissues of both the liver and kidney, and it was ridiculous.

The same ingredient we eat on a daily basis in the name of eating noodles!

Going further to see what happened when Vit C and E was used as a protective agent to counter this effect. It was noticed that Both Vitamins significantly countered the oxidative stress induced by MSG.

I wouldn’t like to bore you with sermons here…

The fact that I literally saw what happened to the liver cells and kidney cells of these rats disposed me to start looking at the different nutritional contents of Noodles…

I was shocked to my bone marrow.

I came to understand why a brand here in Nigeria (tummy-tummy noodles) had to incorporate a little bit of vegetable as their ingredient (this is not in any way endorsing Tummy Tummy Noodles).

Maybe Because, if we look further, a Nutritionist-Dietitian was involved in their recipe development.

No doubts Noodles is one of the food that you can literally cook within a few minutes.

That is exactly why a good population indulge in eating it (which am not an exception, lol).

The fact remains that we can’t keep substituting health with convenience, which is why we must find an alternative around it.

Now, here is the alternative.

A lot of folks reading this are mostly entrepreneur (or parents who their kids can’t just do without eating noodles), which most times predisposes us to tight schedules and little attention to our eating habit, But for the sole purpose of still being health, Here is how best to prepare those noddles.

Healthy Indomie Recipe: How to Cook Noodles {In a healthy Manner}

Noodle its self is very low in;

??Dietary Fibre
??Vitamins and minerals…(these ingredients are lost during wheat flour refinement which is also among the primary ingredients used )

??But very high in Carbohydrate.

From the story Injected here, you can notice that the combination of vitamin C and E became a protective agent.

So to best counter the effect of this MSG, and the presence of oxalate in the noodles (which further inhibit the absorption of iron).

Here is how to cook noodles using healthy Noodles Recipe.

You must make sure you have, tomatoes, green beans/pumpkin leaf, garlic/onion and crayfish at your disposal; As these foods contain to a great extent the good amount of the two vitamins needed to counter the effect of the monosodium glutamate and other anti-nutrients, and also boost your immune system.

  • Then Get your pot.
  • Pour A little amount of water depending on the number of noodles being prepared.
  • Allow the water to boil for at least 5 minutes.
  • Pour the ingredient provided by noodles.
  • Allow boiling for 1 minute.
  • Add your noodles and cover your pot.
  • Allow it to dry a bit, pour every other ingredient you want to use for your noodles, and pour a good quantity of water that is likely to get the quantity of the noodles you are cooking done.
  • Allow to dry and put down.

You are good to go with your healthy noodles.


Knowing how to cook noodles in a very healthy way should be paramount to every folk that enjoys the sweetness of noodles. In as much as we love tasty foods, our health should be at the top of the list.

Also, when cooking your noodles, The fact that you use crayfish shouldn’t make you leave out egg if you love egg too much. But Never try frying egg together with your noodle. If must us use egg, make sure you boil it.