Farting: Does Farting Burn Calories (Myth or Fact)

Do farting really burn calories

When it comes to weight loss, individuals are curious to know if the proposed method could actually work. Does farting burn calories? cloud the internet as a craving question something in November 2015

You can imagine when farting start burning calories, folks with such predicament wouldn’t want to lose such opportunity.

In fact, it might turn into a world base competition.

As that might not be the bone of contention here. the question remains Does farting actually burn calories?

Before we can dive into details to profer an answer to the question, below is what you will gain from this post.

  • what is farting
  • Is it an involuntary or voluntary action.
  • what are the real causes of these?
  • Can it eventually lead to calories loss?
  • Can farting be beneficial or detrimental if it eventually can’t burn calories?
  • Are calories our enemies as we have perceived it to be?

Follow me while we unveil the answers to those torn of question that has kept you wondering.

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What is farting?

Farting is the release of gas involuntarily (Or without much hassle). It is also a natural part of the digestive process. It has always known to be of a fouls smell. Which eventually have turned it into a tabor when done in midst of individuals.

It is either advised to be done in a private place or when alone in a place may be due to negative impediments it might cause.

From an interview, Nadolsky responded that Fart is made up of nitrogen, hydrogen, methane, oxygen, and water,”.

By mere observation of its constituent, the possibilities of it burning calories can still be queried.

what are the real causes of these?

While farting can be a sign of a healthy gut, Some food that leads to excessive flatulence like beans, dairy products, oats, etc. Both one thing important to note in all the food is the presence of high nutritional values they possess sulfuric sugars and also polysaccharides and oligosaccharides.

In some cases, you get bloated when your body system cannot digest a certain component of a food you consumed, taking for an instance is when certain individuals consume milk or yogurt. It means that the body is finding it difficult to digest a natural sugar called lactose. In the case, you need to see your doctor.

However, if your farts do smell too much, then you might consider reducing the consumption of foods that are very high in sulfides.

Contrary to the known believe that men fart more than women,  men fart as women fart.

Does farting burn calories.

Do farting really burn calories

In fact, this question brought an uproar in November 2015, when Google brought out a stoning answer to the outrageous Question.

Quoting Googles affirmative search result, It started that “farts burn a whopping 67 calories, and farting 52 times in a day can burn a whole pound of fat”.

When you do the mathematics, you can bet with me that everyone trying to lose weight will go get a farting-making artificial machine as this might be the easiest way to wash off the fats. (lol).

To prove their claim, Google sited a facebook page called “FACT“, which on further investigation, they couldn’t offer much evidence to prove it but will only Use “If you think it’s not true, ask google” to cover up the unverified claim.

Further Investigation was ascertained after which Snope reported that Farting does not and will not burn calorie and also is not an effective way to lose weight.

Critically analyzing farting, It can be an involuntary action at the same times a voluntary action. As in some cases, individuals can control it while some can’t.

Generally, during farting When you pass gas, your muscles relax and the gas pressure in your bowels do all the work in expelling the gas.

Therefore, straining yourself to the limit while flatulating is really the only way to possibly burn calories.

A post on  Fat Loss School stated in details that farting can never make one loss out calories but can do so on an extreme contraction of belly muscles to release a powerful noisy explosion of gases: however it can still never be a practical way to lose calories

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Can farting be beneficial or detrimental if it eventually can’t burn calories?

It has been proven that farting can be a sign that;

  • Your guts are healthy
  • Can reduce stomach bloating
  • Makes you feel comfortable and have a flat stomach after a release of  unwanted gases and finally
  • Shows that the microbes inside your stomach are performing their duties.

Furthermore, anyone who has undergone an operation (Surgery) can attest that without a patient farting after an operation, it is believed that all is not well. Even with all the benefits, it is still not on the list of weight loss remedies.

Healthy ways to lose (Burn) calories.

In my previous article, I have explained certain ways to lose weight with minor exercise we ignore, you can read it here. I will simply drop other simple tips to lose calories.

  • Daily workouts: Even at rest we still lose calories, but workout improves the rate of effective weight loss.
  • Adequate meal planning: Most times the only determinant factor to weight loss lie in the way you manage your meals. You can’t expect weight loss when you still eat every junk that comes your way.
  • Never skip your breakfast: As hard as weight loss can be to some individuals, they have gone extra miles to even skip meals including breakfast as a mean to help them shield weight. On the contrary, Skipping of breakfast even causes more weight gain.


As “Does faring burn calories” remains a question that kept on getting attention on Google, as folks are seriously seeking a solution to loos some calories.

After a thorough research as seen in this article, it is obvious that individuals seeking a quicker solution to lose some weight was disappointed as there was no way farting could help lose some calories not to mention a whopping 67 calories.

It is would be just a lazy folk that would adhere to such advice without making a thorough research. Before you think of implementing that advise make sure to verify that piece of information. Eating adequate meals, go for your workouts, stay hydrated, avoid junk and keep being healthy.

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