health benefits of drinking lemon water

Are you still doubting the “health benefits of drinking lemon water”? then this is just for you.

In this world full of toxins and disease, some of us hate to have anything that is not organic. We even try to be cured by the home remedies instead of going to a doctor, which is both, right and wrong.

I understand how you like things natural but sometimes you cannot handle everything on your own and you have to visit a doctor. While some people visit the doctor in every situation and prefer meds over anything, this is wrong too. Know to live in the balance; there is no need to be sliding on either side, life is all about balance.

health benefits of drinking lemon water

There are many things that you would use to make things right in your life or can use for prevention. But here, today, the topic of interest is Lemon water. There are different ways in which you would consume this water. It could be hot or cold, can be in the form of juice or tea. Also, check some HCG phase 2 food list for making your life even better.

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So, here are some powerful health benefits of lemon water that you may like to hear.


Lemon has so many qualities, but this one is the most famous one. But how? We all crave for food to the extent that we end up eating the bigger portions and regret later. Well, lemon water helps you control your cravings, so, next time you are craving for something, just have a glass of lemon water and feel the difference.

Not just this lemon water also helps our metabolism to work better and better-working metabolism is all you need for a fast fat cut down. Studies show that people who take lemon every day never gets fat.

Almost every one of us knows that lemon helps us in losing weight but what to do for attaining that goal. There are few remedies that you can enjoy and lose weight in the process.

  1. Early morning warm water with lemon and honey
  2. Green tea with lemon juice and lemon zest (After every meal)
  • Detox water with lemon included
  1. Plain lemon water throughout the day



Lemon contains vitamin c which helps you prevent cold, cuts and bruise and not just this but cancer too. Lemon helps our immune system to go stronger. In the time of diseases getting easily attacked, try to be stronger internally. Taking vitamin C just not helps you keep your knuckles clean and tidy but also prevent you from cancer.

Isn’t it better to have a little of a lemon every day and do the best you could to prevent this deadly disease?


Water is such an important thing for our body that without it a day can be ruined easily. Our body has 75% of water and requires more and more. But the sad part is we often forget to drink water and prefer drinks that are not just bad for us but are extremely dangerous.

For all those who love to have a drink instead of water can squeeze have a lemon in a glass and enjoy. What an easy and delicious way to keep you hydrated!


Did you know that lemon contains potassium in it? And it is good for our brain functioning?  Well, now you do. We all feel rusted while working, a fog is there, and we want to rest for a while or grab some coffee. Now next time try some lemon water. Or if you ever feel anxious or depressed go for this water and you will feel a lot more better.

For some more knowledge, potassium does not just stop here. Potassium helps us in increasing metabolic rate, reduce our chances of having a heart problem or kidney`s malfunction.


Vitamin C helps us with so many problems that may not seem major at that time but can turn out to be a disaster for us. Nowadays people are complaining more about iron deficiency, especially females.

Hemoglobin is an oxygen-carrying protein which is found in red blood cells and iron helps in producing hemoglobin. When the body does not have clean red blood cells and hemoglobin, it may lead to anemia.

Many people take medications for making their iron intake sufficient and end up surpassing the need. But if taking it naturally bit by bit, it could only be beneficial.


Enough with all those health benefits that you will see in long-term, let us talk about something those result you may witness that very instant. Aren’t we all conscious of our breath one time or another? That is because we know if we are breathing dangerously smelly people will talk behind our back but will not address the elephant in the room.

What causes us bad breath are the bacterias in our mouth, but the citric in lemon can help you out with it. Palinski-Wade says,

“The citrus in lemon water may help to reduce the growth of bacteria in the mouth, which may lead to fresher breathe,”

SOME EXTRA KNOWLEDGE: While we are on the subject of smell, here is another tip that I cannot stop myself giving away. If you are someone who is annoyed by underarms smell than apply a slice of lemon after your morning bath and you would not need those expensive chemical deodorants that may darken your armpits. If you keep on using lemon on your armpits, you may get rid of that dark skin you have developed with time.


A simple glass of lemon water has to offer so much that not taking it may seem impossible now! Most of the experts suggest to have it throughout the day but if not then at least have it early in the morning for making your own-self better.


Author bio: Michelle Hannan is a nutritionist, and she’s on a mission to give you all the information you need to lose weight successfully. She also blogs regularly at https://www.hcgdietinfo.net/



  1. Very informative article!
    Lemon water is also good for skin. By helping flush the body and improve digestion, lemon water can lead to cleaner skin. It also contains vitamin C which is needed for smooth and healthy skin.