5 powerful Fruit combination that will boost your immune system.

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5 powerful Fruit combination that will boost your immune system.

With much doubt in your mind. I’m sure you might be wondering which of the fruit combination can really do this magic.

Most illness one undergo today, can be seen as a result of low immune response, due to poor immune system. Even the deadly disease that has driven a tremendous challenge to the health researches; HIV/AIDS virus, attacks the immune system before it can be able to take over the entire body system.

A lot has already been said, over the Internet about the health benefits of fruits; which boosting the immune system was not left out.  However, in this post, I will be listing 5 powerful Fruit combination that will boost your immune system and how you can prepare the juice.

Before we go indept, let’s take a look at the role of immune system.


While going across some articles, I stormed a particular definition from livescience. “The role of the immune system – a collection of structure and processes within the body – is to protect against disease or other potentially damaging foreign bodies.”

This is just the simple truth. If you care less of your immune system, then get ready to be stormed with various diseases of any kind. Come to think of it. Won’t you be willing to spend less to avert these diseases? If your answer is yes, then flow with this article and use these fruits am about mentioning, to keep your immune system balling stronger.


American heart association recommends eating eight or more fruits servings Everyday. It is obvious I must admit; that I was not a fan of fruits, till I had my experience where the doctor that was officially handling me had to break the news, that my immune system was going down. As a Nutritionist- Dietitian, I knew something was wrong, because it seems drugs were taking their revenge on me. It’s funny right? But yes,  drugs were actually taking their revenge on me ( Abuse of drugs in any way can be detrimental to health, instead embark on fruit therapy).

I had to place myself on a daily fruit routine menu. Believe me, the result was something that still atone me up till date.

What am I driving at?

Fruits contains numerous vitamins, minerals and phytochemical than our daily dairy products.

Dr. Obiakor-Okeke P. N believes that a day without a fruit is a day wasted.


Let me blow your mind!

All Citrus fruits are immune boosters.


This is because they are very rich in vitamin C, which is a great immune booster nutrient. Med Monatsschr Pharm on Feb. 2009 reported that several cells of the immune system can indeed accumulate vitamin C and needs it to perform their task, especially “phagocytes and t-cells”. Thus, a vitamin C deficiency results in a reduced resistance against certain pathogens whilst a higher supply enhance several immune system parameters.

However, amidst the numerous citrus fruits, there are five you shouldn’t ignore.


Apples are very rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber. According to Laura Floures, a Nutritionist based in San Diego. ” Apples are high in polyphenols, which functions as an antioxidants. These polyphenols are found in both the skin of the apple as well as in the meat. So to get the greatest amount of benefits, eat the skin of the apple”.




Strawberry is another fascinating fruit immune boosters. A chief source of Vitamin C, Phenolic antioxidants, Anthocyanin which is responsible for its bright color and Folate (vitamin B9).

Andrea Gabrick wrote on WebMB “Strawberries -just one serving -about eight Strawberries – provides more vitamins than an orange”. I know you’r really wondering if it is  true. Oh! Yes, very true.



Amazingly, these two have most things in common. Like other Citrus fruits, are an excellent source of Vitamin C. Lemons and oranges contain some phytochemical that makes them unique, most especially the Flavonoids, like Hesperentin, Narigin and Naringenin. These nutrients can act as immune system modulator, antioxidants as well as frees radicals scavengers.


Among the fruits I have already mentioned, Strawberry being an exception, Tomatoes has a unique reddish color. It contains a chief phyochemical that is very peculiar to it known as lycopen. Despite Tomatoes being a major dietary source of lycopen possess high amount of vitamin C, K and potassium.

But wait!, if all these Five fruit can have this great nutrient respectively, then think of how the combination will look like and how powerful it can be?





  • Oranges
  • Apple
  • Tomatoes
  • Strawberry
  • Lemon
  • Ice (optional)



-Wash the fruits with clean running water.

-Extract the orange and lemon Juice from the stalk.

-Grate tomatoes, strawberry and apple together

-Mix all the blends together.

You are good to go.


The food for eat they say, can either make you or Mar you. I have carefully outline in this post five powerful Fruits that will boast your immune system. It’s time to implement these recipe and Start living healthy again.


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  1. Sincerely speaking I am overwhelmed and joyous about this your post,nutrition as you say is the best therapy,no one can underestimate the power of a healthy nutritious life.so I employ all of you who might be reading this to try as much as possible to share this to your friends and of course family members,dont be selfish just try and share please

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  2. Hey, Great piece of information over here. As in my opinion, Eating a variety of fruits together provides more health benefits than eating one fruit alone. I recommends eating 5 to 10 servings of a variety of fruits and vegetables daily to reduce disease risk.