3 Healthy Ways to Prevent Eye Defect As An Online Entrepreneur.

3 healthy ways to prevent eye defect as an online entrepreneur without spending your money

Life as an online entrepreneur can be demanding and most time is challenging, that taking care of your health becomes an intriguing factor not to talk of remembering the hazard, infra rays emitted by the computer (which is now part of your life) can cause to the eyes, which often leads to eye defect.

Most times, it becomes a do-or-die affair geared toward giving your clients the best result. But should it be done at the expense of your health? or should your eyes be a tool to trade for money?

Notwithstanding the tremendous positive impact, the internet has made to human nature and most especially individuals that have taken their computer as their source of income. It’s negative impact on the body system especially the eyes should not be neglected.

No doubt, experience sometimes can be your best teacher; but must you battle with the experience to learn your lesson, while there is a solution to avoid being a victim? I guess your response will be no.

Just a few days ago Emenike Emmanuel of enterpreneurbusinessblog.com wrote on his Facebook wall,

“Guide your eyes jealously as an online entrepreneur; otherwise, you may not live to tell the story.”

He had his experience, and trust me he will always live to avoid working to the detriment of his eyes.

Reasons why the eyes are severely affected by your computer rays.

Before one can be able to see (although it is a reaction that happens in seconds), the eyes “a three-layered roughly spherical structure” is organized to specialize in receiving and responding to light.

One only gets to see when light passes through the cornea (a transparent circular part of the front of the eyeball that refracts the light entering the eyes onto the lens).

The cells of the eyes lack  “the power house of the cell” known as the mitochondrion. Mitochondrion which is capable of destroying light rays, transmits energy and decompose harmful materials is deficient in the cells of the eyes, this is the sole reason why the light rays emitted by the computer compounds a negative impact on the eyes.

Eliciting the truth from the above statement, if probably mitochondrion were efficient in the cells of the eyes, the impact made by the rays to the eyes would be very minimal.

However, since nature has decided to make mitochondrion deficient in the cells of the eyes, Solutions are bound to be adopted to avoid this appalling situation most one entrepreneurs face.

Let’s ride to it in a blink.

Three healthy ways to flew from eye defect as an online entrepreneur.

1) Water therapy

Most individuals are yet to discover the potential stocked in the application or use of water as “water therapy”  while some are enjoying the benefits.

About 60-70% of body weight is made up of water, while most of the body organs are arranged with fluid (water).  Ultimately, is to our advantage that water is one of, if not “Only” the cheapest resources to manage life with, as it can be found everywhere.

World Health Organization after several types of research concluded and advised an intake of 8 glasses of water every day. Water therapy as a tool to prevent eye defect involves consistent intake of about 1.5 liters (5-6 glasses) of water very early in the morning on an “empty stomach.”

Most times, starting up might be difficult, below are healthy hacks to go about it.

1)    Eat before 8 pm before going to bed.

2)    Avoid “Too much” eating before the following morning.

3)    Avoid intake of alcohol before the next morning.

4)    Start with two glass at a time for the first time.

5)    Make it up to three the second day till you can fully take 5-6 glasses at a time.

6)    Be consistent till it becomes a habit.


2) Fruit therapy.

Consumption of fruit containing certain vitamins and minerals can be a fast and sure way to avoid the alarming eye defect caused by rays emitted from your computer.  Most time, we get stuck in confusion of; can fruits do it?, Which fruits in particular?.

Fruits to take.

Fruits rich in Vitamin A, C and E. Example carrot, lemon/orange, and almond. Carrot contains beta-carotene; a precursor for vitamin A, Vitamin A play a significant role in adjusting the light energy that passes through the eyes which in-turns reduce the intensity of eye defects.


Take at least one serving each a day each. I have already written a detailed post on fruits combination to boost your immune system. Check it out here.


3) 20-20-20 Rule.

It is no longer a hidden factor that the 20-20-20 rule works to reduce eyes strain (a sense of fatigue brought on by the use of the eyes for prolonged close work or in a person who has an uncorrected error of refraction or an imbalance of the muscle that moves the eyes).

20-20-20-rule for avoiding eye defect.

Every individual blinks every 15 seconds, and on constant exposure to electronic device strains the eyes. However, with the 20-20-20 rule, eye strains and defect are minimized.

Simple tips to keeping the eyes healthy and avoid eye defect.

  • On the constant use of an electronic device, always wear your glass.
  • Avoid smoking as an online entrepreneur.
  • Reduce intake of alcohol
  • Always reduce the brightness of your digital devices.
  • Eat more of vegetables and fruits.



The eye is a delicate part of the body organ that can’t be replaced when damaged. Despite how delicate it sounds to be, most individuals still trade it for money. The electronic device when on constant exposure will always tend to take advantage of the eyes, but when handled with utmost care will keep doing what it is meant for.

As an online entrepreneur, the eyes should be the first thing you should always care for because it is what determines how much of the money you can make.

Treat this article as a tool for staying away from eye strains and defect, and it will make you how healthy your eyes will always stay.

Over to you, are there other ways you take care of your eyes as an online entrepreneur that works for you? Share with us in the comment section.

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