2 Experts Secret Your Doctor Can’t Tell You About CANCER


It’s been so obvious the increasing incidence of cancer among the world population. Many individuals are still in the menace of the trauma this illness has let in their health. While certain individuals are battling with this illness.

Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for 8.8 million deaths in 2015. According to America cancer society, cancer is the second most common cause of death in the USA and accounts for nearly 1 of every four death.

With the above statistics. It is as if our health professionals and scientist are doing nothing to battle or combat cancer, or maybe they are not telling us the actual truth. Rather they sit around and propose the death of such clients even after they have undergone series of chemotherapies.


After the death of a friend’s mum, It became a challenge as to whether cancer was a disease. The doctors couldn’t give a good answer as they were not able to say what type of cancer it was. Or what exactly triggered the disease in a short notice. (Maybe due to the outdated or inadequate facilities in Nigeria).

Even at that, we are being compelled to believe whatever this health practitioner tells us. I optioned to throw a question to some of my audience on Facebook to clear my doubt, as to what some group of individuals could say about cancer.

Let’s take a glance at the questions and their responses.


“Cancer a mere disease or a deficiency of certain vitamin?”

Dorathy Chizor Kortce

“I read that eating lemon peels can destroy malignant cancerous cells. I don’t know how true this is but I think scientist are eating on people Ignorance because they are making a lot of money from chemotherapy.”

Jidem  Sylverlin

“Deficiency of vitamin B17

Justina Nk

“What is causing the growth of cells is what I still ask as a nutritionist. Are nutrients really involved? Vitamins and minerals given foods are usually prescribed to cancer patients. I believe further research will confirm this?”

Among these and many other individuals are as confused as “confusion”  itself as to what cancer actually is. That is why you need to follow this post to the end to discover those hidden truths about Cancer your doctor can never tell you.

Before we proceed let’s see what some authorities explained cancer to be.


An article published by medicalnewstoday defined Cancer as ” a class of disease characterised by out-of-control-cell growth.

while another post published by Wikipedia described it as “A group of diseases involving abnormal growth with potentials to invade or spread to other parts of the body.

My Christian brother will tell you “It is an ends time disease (Is alright!)”

Analysing the first definition critically, one is bound to ask can’t this “out-of-control-cell growth” be controlled? or even avoid avoided?

Oh yes! This is where I bring in my good news.

Cancer is no longer what we have been told it to be. Yes, I know you are thinking what am about to dive into now.

Alright, hear me out!

There are a lot of claims going over the internet, that it is no more a disease. Rather it is a deficiency of Vitamin B17 also known as Amygdalin. Some are even on the counter defence, that the so called Vitamin B17 is not a vitamin, so why call it a vitamin.

You want to hear from me right?!.  The truth be told, there is little or no evidence backing such prove that cancer is a deficiency of “Vitamin B17”.

Some will come with this convincing story, How Scurvy was known as a syndrome in the world history. When it has no cure as a result of some scientist trying to fool the entire world population in other to make some money for them selfs.  After which it was later conceived that it was a mere deficiency of Vitamin C meaning it was no longer a disease.

In a cancer cell, one of these enzymes, glucosidase, is present at 3000 times the level found in normal, healthy cells. Glucosidase has a unique action with B-17, breaking it down into hydrogen cyanide (which kills it) and benzaldehyde, (an analgesic).

Ultimately, in normal cells where glucosidase is virtually non-existent, a completely different enzyme, rhodenase which is involved in the normal oxygen burning process, actually renders the B-17 harmless, converting it to thiocyanate, a substance which helps the body regulate blood pressure, and vitamin B-12.

It is not as if Vitamin B-17 is now so dangerous but remember it can only be broken down to hydrogen cyanide in the presence of a cancerous cell.

My mission is not to bore you with controversies online but to bring a solution to that controversy.

Remember the saying “prevention is better than cure”, which brings us to our main topic.



  • Your Dietary Status Can Go A Long Way To Help You Avert Entirely The Incidence Of Cancer.

Even in the presence of cancer, dietary management cannot be overemphasised. but like I quoted before, “Prevention is better than sacrifice”.

It’s quite obvious your doctor cannot tell you this. Preventive of certain hazardous dietary habit can go a long way in helping you combat this disease.

Even WHO mentioned that Around one-third of deaths from cancer are due to the 5 leading behavioural and dietary risks. High body mass index (ratio of height to body weight), low fruit and vegetable intake, lack of physical activity, tobacco use, and alcohol use.

And it is quite alarming that instead of the use of tobacco and alcohol to be at its decrease, it is tremendously at its peak especially among the male folks, which have in turns increased the rate of lungs cancer.

2 Experts Secret Your Doctor Can't Tell You About CANCER

Before cancer can be able to take over your body system, It must have dealt with your immune system. I have made a post of fruit combination that will boost your immune system. You can check it out here.


  • Chemotherapy Can Never Reduce The Proliferation Of Cancer Cells.

Chemotherapy (chemo) is a type of treatment that includes a medication or combination of medications to treat cancer according to an article published by chemotherapy

However, It is time, we face the hard truth. Yes, once you are sick, you should get ready to spend every dime on you, but won’t it be fair enough to tell us things that will actually work and things that will not work?

It not a myth but a hidden truth that, Cancer cells can never be reduced or neither can the degeneration of the body system caused by cancer be stopped or reduced by Chemotherapy.



Cancer has driven a lot of controversies among researchers, scientist and health personnel. With this post, I have explained what you need to know about cancer and some little secrets that matter, but can’t be revealed by your doctor. However, It is quite necessary you develop a healthy dietary lifestyle, so as to avoid being a victim.


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  1. Nice words and great teachings about cancer. That means Nitritionist-Dietetians are greatly involved in the treatment and management of cancer.

    • Yes, the role of a dietitian should not be left out in the management and prevention of cancer. Most individuals are still not aware of this fact.

      Nice having you around Justina!